2 Evenings With Wine Maker Shane Finley

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Not often that you get to spend much time with a wine maker but getting to spend two evenings with Wine maker was a special occasion. Shane who hails from Bloomington Minnesota has now mad a a name for himself in the California wine industry and is one of the up and coming stars with a wonderful portfolio of wines under his careful eye.

There is a reason that there was two days of tasting, as it was so we could cover his portfolio,  there was such a nice variety ranging from Sauvignon blanc to some fantastic Syrah’s.

Evening number one started at Red Cow in Uptown where we paired the following wines with burgers.
Paring for the evening included these three wines, Constant Disruptions Sauvignon blanc, Shane Rose’ (Sonoma County) Constant Disruptions Zinfandel.

Evening number two was a little more intimate and made for a wonderful evening as a close encounter with Shane and his stories of working his way into the wine making filed and his thoughts on wine making.

The evening with Shane was captivating and funny all rolled into one.

Our tasting selection was a little more comprehensive then the previous evening. I can say for a fact that Shane has a couple of Gems in his collection and a couple wines that I predict should head to your Cellar right now for drinking in about 2021.

Thursdays tastings where:
Shane Rose’ (Sonoma County)
Shane Pinot Noir “Charm” (Russian River Valley) 2013
Shane Pinot Noir “Charm” (Russian River Valley) 2015
Shane Pinot Noir “Le Reine” (Sonoma Coast) 2013
Shane Pinot Noir “Le Reine” (Sonoma Coast) 2015
Shane Syrah “Villain” (Santa Lucia Highlands) 2013 * drink now — buy if you can find it 
Shane Syrah “Villain” (Santa Lucia Highlands) 2014 ** dink 2020

I highly recommend if you can find it at a local store the Shane Syrah “Villain” (Santa Lucia Highlands) 2013 you wont be disappointed. 
But you can also order wines for your cellar direct from Shanes winery here and they will ship out our wines directly to you. and all the proceeds go to the wine maker verses all the others that take a cut including a big chunk to a distributor.

Go To Shanes web site here to check it out and order.