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My second posting about a crisp botanical based gin.
Originally not a gin fan I have come to love gin and especially Gin and Tonics, or as you will see in many drinking establishments a G&T. While staying in Vancouver Canada I met up with a friend Ray Vieau in his hometown. After  lovely dinner in the famous Gas Town district we took the ferry over to Lonsdale quay and stopped at the Tap & Barrel .
Here I learned of this small batch custom Gin based. This is No2 on my list of gins I love.

I did a tasting of disruption Gin and then I ordered the Cucumber Mint G&T from the Tap & Barrel.

One of the most refreshing Gin and Tonics i have ever had, I just wish I could have had a couple more.

Crafted by Yaletown Distillery in Vancouver BC, the Gin is distilled with 8 different botanicals.

TASTING NOTES: Distruption Gin was a very clean and crisp gin with light herbal notes I think just the right amount of licorice with little of that over powering juniper taste.

I didn’t ask but I have to assume that Disruption Gin is made especially for Tap & Barrel so it would behove you to make a trip out to Yaletown Distillery if you have the chance and are in Vancouver BC


1132 Hamilton Street
Vancouver B.C. V6B 2S2

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