Lagrein Grape – Bet you never heard of it. Then made into a Sparkling Rose’ Brut. Just Fabulous

Neal McMahon Italy, Old World, Red Wine, Tyrol

Lagrein  (pronounced lah-GRAH’EEN, lah-GRINE or lah-GRI’NE) is an ancient grape variety that finds its home in the sunny vineyards of Trentino-Alto Adige in northeastern Italy.
I was introduced to Lagrein by my friends at Thomas Liquors in St.Paul.

Lagrein is normally a pretty earthy grape and there might be more than a few people that might not like this particular style of wines.
But Bortolotti changed that all up this this fabulous Sparkling Red (Rose Spumante) All I can say you cant go wrong if you love a super chilled dry sparkling rose with tons of flavor wine.

The Lagrien had a brilliant cherry color with beautiful Cherry and Raspberry notes Long finish.
So refreshing on a hot summers day.
We paired with a spicy chicken and blackened fish on the BBQ.
I could see this would go great with Pizza also.

Find a bottle if you can. Only place i know is Thomas Liquors in Saint Paul
Bortolotti Lagrein Brut