Ratafia from Gratiot-Pilliere

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Ratafia is the ‘other’ drink of the Champagne region for France, is it worth your attention? 
That is something up might have to answer yourself, but if you like Liqueurs I am sure you will find a spot for this.

I was given a sample tasting for Ratafia from Gartiot-Pilliere winery.
I promised a friend of the wine maker I wouldn’t look at their site till I tasted and gave my thoughts. 
Now I have nothing to taste against since I have never had Ratafia before so this is really a blind taste test as I have nothing to compare with.

First up the color and my best guess based on my wine color chart is a very pale copper. 
Right off there is a familiar alcohol nose that hits you and I immediately think of Brandy.
It has a sweet zesty citrus taste that lasts on the front of the tongue for just the right amount of time.
Grapes prevalent and some type of candy fruit which I cant quite figure out.
This Ratafia grew on me as I tasted it
I will search more Ratafia so that I can get a better understanding of it.

I am unsure how this particular Ratafia is made and stored and I will update my blog once I find out.

NOTE: I tasted a 50ml shot transferred to another bottle given to me, I would like to try this again straight from the bottle in case of possible taint. 

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