Visit to the Rok Restaurant in Reykjavík, Iceland and a couple of fabulous Cocktails

Neal McMahon Iceland, Whisky

As a flight Crew member I visit many place and I am always on the look out for interesting new places to dine and have a drink in. back in spring of 2017 i worked a flight into Reykjavik Iceland.
I happened upon this unique bar with grass a roof and i was not disappointed. Fast forward a year and here I am back again with my friends at the ROK. Today I am going to try their new ROK custom drink menu and try some of owner Chef keli tapas menu.

I started the evening with a ROK Martini, Ima going to have to get back to you on what is in it.

But what took my breath away and what turned into one hell of a cocktail was Heidi’s version of the ROK Whisky Sour

It al started with a an Egg white and then a shot of Johnny Walker Black, and then a shot of a local distilled liqueur called Crowberry finished off with a shot of Lemon juice.