Turkey Day Wine Choices

Neal McMahonFood & Wine Pairing

If you going traditional turkey day Don’t over think pairing wines with individual dishes. 

Light bodied wines are your friend for Thanksgiving.
These wine styles should cover and pair well with most standard Thanksgiving day meals.

  • Beaujolais – very light 
  • Rioja  – light
  • Pinot Noir – stepping into the medium 
  • Sauvignon Blanc – green notes.
  • Riesling – if you want a sweeter side.
  • Zinfandel – Americas favorite but pushing the the deeper Red envelope to cover all your foods.
  • Sparkling Rose will also work if you want something sparkling.

Look Im being kind of generic here as I don’t want to recommend you actual wines that I enjoy.
 I would prefer you choose something you already know you like based on the above list.
I am happy recommend for you to try wines that I recommend when you follow along with my tastings.