Bloody Hell Its Surly Fiery Hell

Neal McMahon Beer, United States Leave a Comment

I wasn’t sure what I was going to taste but Surly Fiery Hell is surprisingly very tasteful and easy to drink and the heat is not over powering but a warm sensation.
At first I thought the added heat was from Jalapeños till i found out is  Puya Chiles.

Fiery Hell is aged on red oak with the addition of puya chiles.

The red oak comes in the form of pieces of oak that have been drilled out in a “honeycomb” pattern to maximize surface area. This adds a warm oak note similar to what you’d find in a freshly toasted barrel.

Puya chiles are a Mexican varietal, similar to guajillo but hotter. They have “a light fruity flavor profile, with licorice and cherry undertones that brings to mind wild berries.”

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