Private Wine tasting with Giant Steps Wine Maker Steve Flamsteed

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Not very often that you get to spend some one on one time with a wine maker and get to sample their portfolio of wines.
Thanks to my sister Megan Gardner who had previously worked for Giant Steps wine, managed to get me into a one on one tasting with Giant Steps vintner Steve Flamsteed.
Steve was  wonderful host and very interesting to chat to.
Giant Steps is nestled in the Healsville foothills of the Yarra Valley about an hour from Downtown Melbourne Australia.
While having a great time tasting my way through the Giant Steps portfolio, I forgot to take notes on my tasting. What I can say is that there wasn’t a wine in the portfolio that I didn’t like and that the “Harry’s Monster” and the Giant Steps Merlot have travelled back to my cellar in Minnesota.
Giant Steps 2015 “Harry’s Monster” is one of the wines that should be in your cellar today. ready for drinking no sooner than 2020, Perfect wine to sit and age well into 2020’s
Looking forward this wine.

You can find Giant Steps website here.

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